6 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is More Powerful Than Social Media


6 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is More Powerful Than Social Media

In recent years, the traditional email format may appear outdated due to social media marketing. In fact, email marketing is more powerful than ever before. Even with the new technology, email still remains a persuasive digital marketing channel.

If you ignore emails in your marketing strategy you will miss potential business opportunities due to below reasons.

1. Helps you to build relationships and credibility

People like to do business with those they know and trust. Email is direct and more personal than social media marketing. Therefore, email gives you a way to easily contact you with their questions.

2. Keeps you top of mind

More than 90% of customers check their emails several times a day while they go few days without checking social media.

3. Is inexpensive

It is an inexpensive channel to reach people to convey your message.

4. Helps to keep your own list

Unlike social media which is subject to change, your list is yours. In the words of marketer Ann Handley (sender of one of the best newsletters around) “email is the only place where people (not algorithms) are in control. With social and other digital channels — Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, paid search, organic search — someone or something else decides who sees your content and when and where they see it.”

5. Converts better than social media

It was researched and found that emails are more effective to acquire customers than social media. Most of the People used to buy products marketed through emails than those who do not receive email offers.

6. Helps to bring visitors to your website

This can drive more visitors to your company website, and provide you valuable information on which parts of your website got more visits and what attracts your visitors the most interest.

What should you email?

The best way to build relationships with your potential customers is sending regular emails. Each email you send should convey something actionable and valuable, such as an offer or discount, or a solution to a problem they have. The type of business you have and the way your business is conducted should factor into the choices you make.

Newsletters can help keep your content top of mind with readers and drive more traffic to your website. Alongside a digest of your company/ individual achievements, you can also include links to coupons or special offers. Your content should not be lengthy but concise to convey the correct message to the receiver.

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