10 Benefits of SMS Marketing

Benefits of SMS Marketing

10 Benefits of SMS Marketing

SMS (Short Message Service) is just another word for texting. Most people use SMS every single day. Therefore, SMS marketing is vital to get the business’s name out there in the mobile-focused world we live in.
The benefits of SMS marketing make it a great choice for any kind of business looking to reach more of its customers.
You’ll want to work with an SMS marketing firm to conduct the best strategies. Consider the following benefits to strengthen your business:

What Are The Benefits of SMS Marketing?

You’ll want to work with an SMS marketing firm to conduct the best strategies. Consider these benefits:

01. Higher Possibility of Opening the SMS

One of the biggest benefits of SMS marketing is the SMS open rate is higher than all other advertising options. These texts are opened up to 98% by your customers.
Emails can get lost in a spam folder and fliers can be easily throw away after picking up at a shopping mall. However, with the popularity of mobile phones and texting, text marketing doesn’t go ignored.

Therefore, if you need to reach your customers more consistently, use SMSs.

02. Cost-Effectiveness

SMS doesn’t cost much to you. The cost will not be a problem even if you want to send it to the number of people. It’s generally much more affordable when you compare it to other marketing options, such as buying a Facebook ad spot.

Moreover, this is much more effective for start-ups which are looking for a way to start advertising without spending too much money.
This makes SMS marketing a great choice for all businesses.

03. Mobile-Friendliness

It is important to present your business as mobile-friendly in these days as many people use their mobile devices for shopping and browsing.

SMS marketing is a big part of making your business mobile-friendly and can be a strong asset to your mobile marketing strategy.

04. Reach a Wide Audience

Nowadays many people have cell phones and other mobile devices. Therefore, your customer demographic can widen through the benefits of SMS marketing. SMS marketing reaches everyone instead of focusing on one section of your demographic.

As long as your customers have a mobile device that can receive texts, they get to enjoy the messages you’re sending them. Also, with more exposure to your customers, the more you become a part of their world.

05. SMS Marketing Works With Other Types of Marketing

SMS marketing can be used alongside all of the other ways you are marketing your business. It can be a quick and easy way for customers to connect to your message.

For example you can use SMSs to get more customers interested in your social media or you can SMS to promote new products and maybe to share information on new offers like discounts for purchasing online through the company website.

06. Speed of Delivery

Not like in other marketing methods, SMS marketing does not need a waiting time. It only requires a little preparation time. There are no materials to gather or printings to wait for. There are no designs to complete or people to contact Once the message is ready you can press the send button, and your customers will receive your message straight away.

07. Strengthens Customer Engagement

SMSs create a platform for your customers to engage with you. It lets them feel that your business is more accessible.

It makes your business become more a part of their lives making you’re there with them on their mobile phone.

08. Customers Can Opt-In

It’s a great idea to give your customers always an option. It’s good to send SMSs, with the latest news on your business ventures. Let your customers decide if they’d like to opt-in and it will let them feel more comfortable with your business as a whole.

Seeing how many customers opt-in to those updates will also help you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

09. Customers Can Opt-Out

Also, it is important to give customers the option to decline these messages. If you keep sending your texts to customers who are not interested, you could end up losing that customer altogether.

Therefore, it’s better to give them that option to opt-out of these mobile messages. You may use other marketing strategies for those types of customers instead.

10. Flexibility and Customizability

You can mix and match text messages to fit with different things to help promote your business.

You can announce a sale, give a temporary discount, reward loyal customers, promote a new product, share news, and more, all from SMS.

Experience the Many Benefits of SMS Marketing Today

From all of this, you can get a clear understanding of how great texting can be for your business. Though it is not trendy as social media it delivers you results. There’s no reason not to give it a try as SMS marketing has so many benefits for a little cost to you.


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